Investing in comprehensive and precise professional roof surveys becomes a cost-saving measure. Identifying damages or potential issues early on can save you thousands of pounds. The expense of a roof survey is minuscule compared to the substantial costs associated with repairing a roof and addressing water or wind damage. However, to maximise the benefits of your roof survey, it’s crucial to determine the specific type of survey required.

Various roof surveys are available, each tailored to specific specialities and criteria. Understanding the distinct features of each study is essential to ensure optimal results.

Drone Roof Inspection

The Drone Roof Inspection provides an efficient alternative to traditional visual inspections for excessively high roofing systems or poses safety challenges for human navigation. Without scaffolding, ladders, or extensive paperwork, a drone can survey multiple locations when it takes a human to inspect just one roofing section. Professionals can then review the high-quality footage captured by the drone to assess the condition of your roof.

This approach is particularly beneficial for older properties or those with considerable heights, as the drone can rapidly scan the entire roof and pinpoint any issues. A drone survey is a streamlined process that eliminates the necessity for setting up ladders, scaffolding, or viewing platforms, saving valuable time.

An additional advantage is that the drone can record the entire roof survey from start to finish. It enables a thorough footage evaluation, providing complete peace of mind regarding assessing your roof’s condition.

drone roof inspection

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    Roof Surveys

    Roof surveys encompass various approaches influenced by the issue’s nature and the roof’s accessibility. These inspections range from a straightforward visual assessment to more advanced methods such as electronic moisture detection or thermographic infrared surveys.

    Our specialised drone photography service also allows us to examine the roof from a distinctive vantage point, effectively visualising challenging areas.

    Our skilled roofing experts at Emris Services conduct thorough surveys on roofs of all kinds and provide comprehensive & in-depth reports on their condition. After consulting with the client, we propose remedial or refurbishment works on the roof. These proposals consider pertinent legislation, design standards, and UK building regulations.