Emris Services have extensive experience with a cockroach infestation. We can visit your premises or home to conduct a survey, install monitoring equipment, and then implement the best measures to ensure a cockroach infestation is dealt with as discreetly as possible.

Cockroaches are able to hold their breath for up to 40 minutes. Why they do this is unknown, although it is thought that it may be to save water. They are also one of our great survivors as cockroaches have been around since the dinosaurs, and they will probably outlive us too.

 Cockroaches are amphibious. When threatened they will run into water. There is also more to cockroaches than we may think. They are one of the most adaptable creatures worldwide except in the Polar Regions and in elevations above 2,000 meters. They can also survive underwater for several hours.

There are around 4,300 species of cockroaches. Less than 30 of these are considered pests. The world’s smallest cockroach is approximately 3mm long and the heaviest is an Australian Rhinoceros which is 80mm in length. The cockroach that has the largest wingspan is the Megaloblatta Blaberoides.

However, we in the UK are quite lucky as there are only three species, all of which have come in from abroad. These are the Tawny, Lesser, and Dusky Cockroach.

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    Cockroach Services

    Cockroaches are the most common household pests that can spread diseases and cause allergic reactions in humans. To get rid of these pesky insects, there are professional pest control services that specialise in cockroach extermination. These services typically use a combination of chemical treatments and physical methods to eliminate cockroach populations, such as baits, traps, and insecticides. They may also provide ongoing preventative measures, such as sealing cracks and crevices where cockroaches can enter the home.

    Using a pest control service for cockroach infestations can help ensure the complete eradication of these pests and provide peace of mind for homeowners.