From the smallest unit to large warehouses and factories Emris Services can provide your business with a full range of pest control services. It can include rodent or bird control and proofing to fumigation for pest insects.

We have extensive experience in pest control in this area from the common rodent infestation to capturing and rescuing wild owls in warehouses!

If your business is involved in food storage or preparation it is vital that your premises are compliant with the Food Safety Act 1990 (and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2005 made under it.)

This act lays down general hygiene requirements for all food business operators. The layout, design, and construction of food premises should permit good food hygiene practices that include protection against contamination and, in particular, adequate pest control.

Emris Services can implement a comprehensive pest prevention programme that will ensure you are compliant with the requirements of the relevant regulations. We will provide you with documentation that includes treatment reports, risk assessments, COSSH documents, and certification to demonstrate your commitment to excellent health and hygiene practices.

Industrial Property Management Services

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    Industrial Property Management Services

    Industrial property management is the practice of managing industrial properties, such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, on behalf of property owners or investors. The primary goal of our industrial property management service is to ensure that these properties are maintained, leased, and operated in a way that maximises their value and profitability.

    Our Industrial property cleaning services address your unique needs and provide a clean and safe environment. These services may include high-pressure washing, floor cleaning, and maintenance. Keeping your business property clean is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and productivity of industrial operations, as well as ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

    A well-maintained property can also enhance your overall image and reputation as a business, making it an essential investment for any industrial property owner or operator.