Restaurant pest control is critical to maintaining a hygienic and healthy environment for customers and staff. Pests such as mice, flies, and cockroaches can contaminate food and surfaces, leading to food poisoning and the spread of diseases.

The Food Safety Act 1990 (and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2005 made under it) deems food unsafe if we consider it to be injurious to health or unfit for human consumption. It lays down general hygiene requirements for all food business operators. The layout, design, and construction of food premises should permit good food hygiene practices. These include protection against contamination and, in particular, adequate pest control.

Emris Services can implement a comprehensive pest prevention programme. It will ensure that you are compliant with the requirements of the relevant regulations. We will provide you with full and detailed documentation that includes treatment reports, risk assessments, COSSH documents, and certification to demonstrate your commitment to excellent health and hygiene practices.

food preparation pest control

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    Food Preparation Pest Control

    Food preparation pest control is critical to ensure the safety and quality of food products. Effective pest control in food preparation areas involves implementing preventative measures such as proper waste management, regular cleaning, and sealing potential entry points. It also involves using safe and targeted pest control products to eliminate existing infestations. Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to ensure that the pest control measures are effective and entry points are identified and sealed. Food preparation areas have specific pest control needs that require careful attention, such as the proper storage and handling of food products.

    As a professional pest control service we can provide expertise, equipment, and resources to ensure that food preparation areas remain pest-free. By prioritising pest control, businesses can ensure the safety and satisfaction of their customers, protect their reputation, and comply with health and safety regulations.