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Bin Cleaning

We have done extensive research into how to help our clients minimize and complement the pest control measures we put in place. We have found that a key method in helping reduce pests is to ensure that refuse collection facilities, especially communal amenities, are kept as clean as possible.

To help achieve this and reduce pest control costs we have implemented a professional, environmentally friendly bin cleaning service for both domestic and commercial customers.

Our bin cleaning machines are sturdy and engineered to be fully self-contained. These purpose-built, highly efficient petrol engine powered machines require no electricity supply and have a 6-stage water filtration system allowing for wastewater to be captured and recycled throughout the cleaning process which means that access to a water supply is not necessary either.

Bin Cleaning in North West | 0800 056 3477  Bin Cleaning, North Wales, Widnes Emris Services provide Bin Cleaning services for Private Homes, Retail Premises, Restaurants, Hotels and Guest Houses in North WestAll the above and the fact that the machine is compact and highly manoeuvrable means that we can cater for almost all requirements no matter if onsite facilities, space or access is an issue.

You are also safe in the knowledge that due to the machine’s highly advanced filtration systems they are more environmentally friendly due to less trade effluent being produced and disposed of.

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